Twinned Therm©

UL approved, A2 Fire-rated Wall Cavities Protection

By design and composition, Twinned Therm© products provide the only cavity protection systems that are both approved by UL and A2 fire-rated. They provide full regulatory compliance with Approved Document B and give the maximum air exchange from any compartment aperture. 

The importance of protecting wall cavities

Current building practices have resulted in non fire-rated cavity penetrations. The risk here is that, in a compartment fire incident, smoke and heat will quickly ingress through the penetrations and into the wall cavities.

Several recent fires have seen buildings quickly destroyed as the smoke and heat has spread rapidly, vertically and laterally, unhindered through the building's cavities.

Facade Penetrations Protection

The Twinned Therm© range of penetrations protectors are ideal for all vents that pass through the outer walls of buildings. Whether for boiler flues, extraction fans or just simply air vents, these 'sleeves' will ensure the smoke, heat and flames exhaust directly into the outer atmosphere.

Installation is straightforward with minimal disruption, however with all our systems and products we offer a full design, supply and installation service that is fully guaranteed and certified.

Window and Door Pods

Twinned Therm's© window and door pods protect the voids between the inner and outer 'skins' of a building's outer walls from ingress by smoke, heat and flames. Sealed internally and externally.

International Fire Protection September P18.pdf
Demonstration of the effectiveness of the A1 Window Pod.pdf

Protect the cladding cavities

Twinned Therm's intelligent Deflector will add further protection to the cavities between the building's outer wall and any rainscreen cladding.

Whatever the nature of the cladding attached to a building's facades, Twinned Therm's UL approved, A2 fire-rated deflector will protect it from the heat, smoke and flames a fire produces.

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