Ashev Smoke Vents and Windows

The market leading range of windows and vents designed to provide the optimum free air in a fire scenario - exhausting the smoke and heat from the compartment or building to aid escape and rescue 

Ashev AOV

The AshVent Automatic Opening Vent (AOV). It offers the optimum free air for any given aperture - delivering up to 40% more free airflow (toxic exhaust) than other AOVs currently on the market.

Fully certified to the EN12101 series.

This installation has the FCAPS© deflector protector attached and is housed within the FCAPS© window pod to protect the building's cavities.

Permavent Atria Vent

The Permavent has two principal advantages should a fire break out: 
- It reduces the build up of heat in the building's Atrias, and
- It provides a positive pressure inlet to assist smoke ventilation.

Within 6 minutes of the outbreak of a fire, the stairwell in this purpose-built house is completely smoke-logged, severely impairing the means of escape from the upper floor.

In an identical fire scenario, but with the now rebranded Ashvent in operation, the smoke is removed from the building and the stairwell sufficiently cleared for the escape route from the fire.

It is important to note that at no time during these fires did the temperature of the room of fire origin exceed 52˚C - well below the temperature required to active a water or mist sprinkler system 

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